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Successful Factory Acceptance Test of the UK’s second Hydrogen Grid Entry Unit

January 26, 2021

Thyson has conducted a successful Factory Acceptance Test of the UK’s second Hydrogen Grid Entry Unit, destined for NGN’s Winlaton offtake, part of the HyDeploy innovation scheme. The FAT took place at our manufacturing facility in Ellesmere Port, and was witnessed by Fayaz Patel, Electrical Commissioning Engineer (left) and Project Manager Adam Madgett (right), both on behalf of Northern Gas Networks.

This specialist fully integrated package has been designed and manufactured by Thyson to inject Hydrogen into Natural Gas whilst ensuring the fully blended gas does not exceed 20% H2 by volume being released into the distribution network, maintaining NGN’s safety case with the HSE. A key part of the design includes fast gas quality analysis to ensure over blending does not occur, this is achieved utilising our unique analytical solution in conjunction with a patented blender which ensures a controlled homogenous mix in minimal pipe diameters is achieved.

The HGEU’s design was further developed from the unit currently in use system at Keele University, which is where the first phase of HyDeploy is taking place. We will be delivering the unit to Low Thornley, near Winlaton, where we will complete installation and commissioning. It is here that the first demonstration project of supplying decarbonised natural gas to 670 local homes will take place in the spring, once the HSE has granted the exemption required to supply up to 20% hydrogen blend, which Northern Gas Networks anticipates will be in February.

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