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Sample Systems

Sample systems remain the key to a successful and reliable analyser system.

To deliver reliable, accurate results it is essential to use a sample system which conditions the sample to the requirements of the analyser, and then to ensure it is well maintained and properly calibrated against a laboratory reference.

Thyson process analyser sample systems have been developed for full vacuum steel furnace analysis through to 400 bar high-pressure gas applications. We manufacture systems in materials including 316SS, 6MO, titanium, CR22 and others to standards including NACE, NORSOK and PED.

Analytical sampling solutions:

  • Gas chromatographs
  • UV photometers
  • IR photometers
  • Mass spectrometers
  • ASTM physical properties
  • GC CV transmitters
  • CEMS packages
  • Oxygen
  • Water Properties

Standards of excellence

Sample systems manufactured from:

  • 316SS
  • GRP

Construction standards include:

  • For inlet pressures from full vacuum 1 torr to +400 barg
  • Heated and controlled to 130C for high dew point systems
  • Multi stream switching to 32 streams or more
  • Filtration particle / sweep and membrane
  • Manual sample points
  • Minimum time lags
  • DSEAR and Atex compliant
  • SR25
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