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Thyson Technology’s senior leadership team are committed to the business, its values and its people. Together they created the Thyson Why/How/What and this is their promise to customers and all stakeholders.

Our Why – Innovating our energy system to sustain our way of life while protecting our planet.

Our How – Solving complex problems of strategic importance for energy producers and transporters and industrial users using best of breed technology.

Our What – We are the architects, builders, commissioners and maintainers of all our solutions.

Here’s our leadership team

Matt Allen | nZero Group – Managing Director

Matt Allen

Matt’s role involves providing a clear direction of travel to our people, customers and partners so they’re bought in and want to be involved in our journey. This involves getting the right people on the bus in the right seats, ensuring customers are happy and both Thyson and Orbital are profitable and growing shareholder value.

Matt has been with Thyson for nearly seven years, spending the first four years as Finance Director before taking over as Managing Director. Following a first-class honours degree in Mathematics, Matt qualified as a Chartered Accountant prior to 10 years in mergers and acquisitions and private equity. Matt then enjoyed a successful six years as a Finance Director where he was instrumental in restoring profitable growth to a Financial Services business. Matt’s role involves providing a clear direction of travel to our people, customers and partners so they’re bought in and want to be involved in the journey; This involves getting the right people on the bus in the right seats. Ensuring that customers are happy and that Thyson is profitable and growing shareholder value.

Neil Stuchbury | nZero Group – Sales & Marketing Director

Neil Stuchbury

Neil’s experience is in both sales and engineering. He has spent nearly his whole career working for both Orbital and Thyson, starting out as an Engineering Graduate at Orbital in 1997, progressing to senior roles in both companies.

His passion is for spearheading innovations, harnessing available technologies and breaking boundaries, ensuring both businesses are well positioned to deliver exciting fresh opportunities that lie ahead, supporting our partners, customers, and to everyone’s mutual benefit and success.

Russell Brown | nZero Group – Innovation & Technology Director

Russell Brown

Russell’s engineering and commercial experience spans more than three decades, gaining significant technical, process and operational experience having worked for organisations around the world.

Russell repatriated in 2011 taking a senior role at Orbital and more recently moved to Thyson, in both businesses striving for exceptional customer satisfaction. He is a Chartered Engineer, achieved an MBA, and is passionate about renewables, knowledge transfer, new technology and process optimisation that can improve our customers operational experience. orem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Karl Daniel | Thyson Technology Operations Director

Karl Daniel

Karl joined Thyson in 2010 as Project Manager and became a Director in 2015. Prior to joining Thyson, Karl spent 25 years in project management across the oil and gas, petrochemical and commercial sectors successfully delivering bespoke Electrical, Control and Instrumentation projects.

Neil Ayre | Thyson Technology Lead Process Engineer

Neil Ayre

Neil’s role involves using highly technical skills, figuring out measurement and process solutions for Thyson’s customers. He works as part of both the sales team and the project engineering group. He leads the teams developing designs solutions, finding new and adapting existing technology with our customers, then translating this into projects that are executed by our project teams. He also spends time considering new business areas for Thyson to expand our reach, including the upcoming decarbonisation and hydrogen economy.

He joined Thyson in 2019 and a typical day is never typical! One day he could be involved with R&D researching new innovative technology. Another day could be spent looking at existing projects and looking for improvements to fix an unforeseen issue or to reliability or operability. Another day could be helping the project teams solve an engineering problem.

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